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epidemic prevention and control as the current top priority and the most important work. Xi also stressed that the whole country must not be careless or weary, and should pay close attention to all kinds of prevention and control work to resolutely win the battles against the coronavirus in Hubei and Wuhan. Xi's speech was published by the Qiushi Journal in its seventh issue of 2020. -- China's

NHC and the foreign ministry held a TV and telephone conf

erence with 10 South Pacific island countries to exchange the COVID-19 prevention and control technologies, organized experts to introduce China's prevention and control measures and phased achievements, shared disease information, prevention and control experience, and addressed foreign concerns. -- The NHC recommended experts to participate in the formulation of the WHO gene sequencing guidelin

es. March 11 -- The NHC and the foreign ministry jointly

held the third China-EU teleconference on the exchange of the COVID-19 prevention and control technologies. -- The NHC coordinated experts to attend the WHO's conference in America to introduce China's experience in the COVID-19 prevention and control. -- Under the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, a press conference was held in Beijing about the COVID-19 epidemic. A

s revealed at the press conference,China has seen the dail